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About Zara Borja

Zara Borja is a well respected spiritual and life guidance coach who helps people figure out their purpose and values. She's like a friend who walks beside you, listening to your thoughts and feelings.

“Create Your World” is about making your dreams come true by connecting with something bigger than just yourself. When you remember this connection, you can feel more love, kindness, and awareness in your life.

The philosophy was developed to enable Zara’s clients and group coaching members to expand their comfort zone and to create a better reality where they are fulfilled and in tune with the universe.

With a strong emphasis on spirituality and mental toughness, as well as the tools that she has learnt from NLP and similar courses, Zara helps people change their self perception in order to make better decisions.

In turn, they’re able to gain a new or deeper understanding of the world they live in and the energies that flow within it.



Zara’s course is a transformative journey that dives deep into self-discovery.

She is committed to empowering individuals through offering exercises and insightful reflections to guide you towards unlocking your hidden potentials.

Winnie P.

I loved the experience of this program.

The ‘Unleash Your Alter Ego’ course is a reflective process that channels the same inner power which exists in everyone into amazing results.

Create a version of yourself that can transcend the fear of doing what is needed in any situation.

Nadia B.

She has the ability to transform lives.

I have been inspired to make a complete career change and even start my own business.

Zara’s expert guidance has allowed me to tap into my full potential and has given me the confidence to achieve my dreams.


A remarkable transformation began to unfold.

I was skeptical about its potential impact, but Zara’s course helped me when I found myself at a crossroads in life.

My perspective on life started to evolve and I recommend investing in yourself through this course.

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